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Our Christmas Boutique will be November 23rd and 24th this year.  You can send in your application or drop it by.  All payments for vendor space are required to be accompanied by a complete application.  

Vendors can learn more about participation here.
Ethiopian Harrar  $14.00 a pound
Organic Fair-Trade roasted 
here in the states.
Proceeds go back to Ethiopia to help the blind.

A Christmas at St. Nick Stables, also known as "Springville Ranch."  This year our Christmas Boutique is December 3rd from 10 am to 3 pm.  

Come join us for a fun day of shopping and food!

Our Saturday Marketplace has moved to downtown Springville.  Our calendar has gotten full and with our other events so please support the market downtown every Saturday.

Springville Ranch Blend   $12.00
A smooth blend of coffees roasted specifically for Springville Ranch.  This blend is robust but milder in flavor.
Springville Ranch Decaf Blend  $12.00
A smooth decafinated blend roasted for Springville Ranch.  You will never know it is decaffinated!
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